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Testimonial from Dr. Syeda Lateefunnisa
Retired Professor and Head of the Dept of Mathematics,
Osmania University, Hyderabad, India

This reference goes back to 1968 when I was in the PUC (Pre-University Course), which is the equivalent to 12th grade but status wise, much more higher standard. I had already graduated the high school H.S.C (Higher Secondary Certificate, Equivalent to 11th Grade, but higher standard) with domestic science. I was in PUC when my late mother asked my older brother (Mr Hashmi, who was a dominion student in Mathematics) to change my optional subject from Domestic Science to Mathematics, so as to help me through the college and university years, the syllabus and the method of testing were pretty tough and the female tutors with reputation were very rare and too expensive. I was also interested in mathematics but the main problem was that I knew nothing in the subject. Everybody in the family connection from near and far were dead against this move of optional change at such a late stage. Everybody warned my mother not to trust a young kid (my brother, who himself was an undergraduate, even though brilliant student) with such a huge responsibility. My late mother and my brother were persistent against the final unanimous warning of our relatives that my brother would drown me — I would definitely fail.

Let me explain in some more detail.

Our relatives were justified to some extent for the following reasons:

1. Those were the days when most of the female students would join the medical profession but mathematics was very rare for females as they were too scared by mathematics let alone the tough standard with a lot of different subjects in mathematics, to get along with.

2. The time factor— There was not much time to come up and get onto the same page with the class. The real classes were to resume soon.

3. I had to start from the zero level and cover all the previous 11 years of work, master it before putting my hands onto the current high level courses, then try to overtake all the brilliant students in the class and be on top of them.

It was a tough test for me and my brother. It was very hectic and restless, but my brother in that young age did it so tactfully that I was never under stress of struggling on my own, as the help was standing by me and readily available 24/7, then and there.

I passed PUC in high rank in 1969-1970 top in the class ( all the students in the Telangana region lost one full academic year due to the political Telengana agitation) and then B.Sc (mathematics, physics, chemistry) in 1972 with a high rank, Achieved the masters M.Sc (Mathematics) in 1974 in top dominion rank—1st in Firsts and Gold Medalist. I was invited into paid “Junior Research Fellowship” program from 1974 to 1976 with a salary. I got the University Teaching Lecturer post in 1977 and continuously stayed there with constant promotions until my retirement in 2005 as Head of the Dept of Math.

After I passed P.U.C with flying colors and top in the class, a significant achievement for my brother, his fame got a sky-rocketed boost, who was already famous among his classmates, who used to seek his help in Math very often. The result was amazing—many of his juniors requested him for tuition in Mathematics. He thus established his Tutoring authority in that young age.

I am very proud of him for the way he build up my potential from zero and gifted me the various and rare Mathematical tools not only for my use, but for me to pass onto all of my students at university level and research level during all these years from 1977 until now.

With gratitude I wish him and his LUCKY students a total success.

Dr Syeda Lateefunnisa Begum,
Retired Professor and Head, Department of Mathematics,
Osmania University, Hyderabad, India.

Testimonial from Sarah and Kiran

After our transfer from Harmony School to Austin High School, our grades in Mathematics dipped to almost failing grades. Our worried parents were still checking the famous tutoring places in Sugar land but were not satisfied, when we accidentally knew about this website, which was under a different name www.illustratedmathseries.com. In the first meeting we were convinced and started the tutoring sessions.

Within a period of only three weeks, he re-constructed our foundation starting all over from the zero level and made it so strong and powerful that we were totally on our own and the reason for our desperate struggle was our weak fragmented foundation. Our Grades not only jumped to A+ but also we were on top of the class.

Both of us got the Excellence award from the mathematics Department of Austin High School. Not only that we are fully independent, but also our fellow students seek our help in Mathematics extensively.

Sarah and Kiran,
Sugar Land, Texas

Group Testimonial from Mr. Syed Arifuddin

This is to certify that Syed S Hashmi, resident of Sugar Land, Texas, is currently the sole owner of the World wide educational website, www.illms.com was our tutor in the subjects ,Mathematics , Physics and Chemistry from 1975 to 1977.

The said tutoring sessions were held mostly in late evenings at Mr Arifuddin’s residence at Yousuf Manzil, Toli Chowki, Hyderabad, Andhrapradesh, India.

During the said period, Mr Hashmi, started us from the very first step building up our foundation and excellently prepared us for our Exams. During the said period and thereafter he was very close to us like a family member. His way
of teaching and illustration were very impressive and enabled us to become
independent in our studies thereafter.

I have also managed numerous regular tutoring sessions, conducted by Mr. Hashmi at other locations in Hyderabad city from 1977 until 1983 for multitude of students from other countries attending Schools in Hyderabad city, mostly Iranian students with sweeping impressive results.

We hereby commend and congratulate him for the establishment of his world wide educational website and sincerely hope that his online tutoring and decades of experience would be a wonderful source of guidance for struggling students across the globe.

Syed Arifuddin, Houston, TX
Syed Zainuddin, Washington D.C
Syed Jafer, Houston, TX
Muneer Quadri, Zion, IL
Syed Lateefuddin and Syed Faseehuddin, Hyderabad, India
Shafi Ahmed, Jeddah, KSA
Rasheed Yar Khan, Hyderabad, India
Kamran Chida, Scandinavia.

Testimonial from Mr. Bernie Fong
REF: Syed Hashmi


I like to give a recommendation about Mr. Hashmi (www.illms.com).

Mr. Hashmi has been tutoring my sons since last year. Ever since Mr. Hashmi has been tutoring both my sons, their school grade has improved so much. Both my sons who are attending Kempner High School here in Fort bend county are now straight A students.

Mr. Hashmi is very dedicated and very focus on his work. He takes high pride of his students and willing to go the extra miles for his student.

For example, when Mr. Hashmi found out that my son have a test tomorrow , he tend to spend a longer time with them to make sure he cover all the related
topics to ensure my son have a good chance of getting a good score on the test.

I would highly recommend Mr. Hashmi to families who have children that struggle with school home work.

Bernie & Virginia Fong
Sugar Land, Texas.

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