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Welcome to the Illustrated Math Series

Our Online Math Learning Process

Congratulations! You have discovered an Educational Gold mine. It is not wise to click away without exploring it, and after all you have nothing to lose if you explore it. With huge, highly valuable Treasures Scooped  from the Worlds of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry and embedded in our Database, and our highly developed and proven strategic tricky techniques uplift your failing or falling grades rapidly with in a matter of days not even weeks. With more than 43 years of  experience and a high success rate of 98%, all consistently with A+ and dominion rank. At Illustrated Math Series, we start the conversation with our students with the offer of firm guarantee of dominion success in flying colors and Top Score, not dared by other similar service providers..

How is the Illustrated Math Series Different? And Comparison

One very important distinction between the illustrated math series and all others is that the students in our program are taught directly by the owner who has over 43 years of experience in the field. Through the use of tested educational practices and decades of experience, our program distill knowledge into the most digestible method available. We do not hire outside Tutors because we want to maintain our high quality and excellance.

We stand behind our work, and hope to help you see the difference that set us apart from the rest. That is why our main source of advertisement is word of mouth.

The most distinguished service we proudly offer is “The Ultimate Transformation©”. This service is not available any where else to the best of our knowledge. This program transforms a total illiterate in Math, Physics and Chemistry ( If he / she knows English, speak, read , write) into a top college student in a matter of 1 to 1.5 yrs

Why Illustrated Math Series

We do not settle for any rank other than the Dominion Rank A+. We do not count Hours during our Tutorial session. Our eyes are always focused on 100% Score and fostering the Top ranking success, we guarantee

Illustrated Math Series Other similar service providers
We offer free unlimited and no obligation consultation and absolutely no obligation free assessment Test of 25 to 30 tricky problems from our data base. They have tricky initial contact. They talk big, we are #1 and we are the largest, if you are not impressed and demand guarantee, they will try to impress you again with non verifiable testimonials, if you are a tough cookie, still unwilling to pay upfront, they would not waste time on you, either put you on hold until you hang up or disconnect you
We assume full responsibility and we accept full accountability No responsibility or accountability they make you pay first and then make you sign documents which in their entirety, hold them not responsible for your failure and throw all the risk and responsibility on you and waive your rights to any claim, the claim “ we are #1 and largest, or any testimonial” is not found any where in those legal documents.
We explain our customers how we do it, we first take a tricky  assessment test to determine the true educational condition of the student. Then we start right from the scratch and rebuild a strong foundation stressing a lot on the weak spots discovered in the assessment. and cover all the previous grades curriculum rapidly and make sure that the student has learned it perfectly. We take a second tough assessment to determine the improvement and then again we address the troubled spots. Only 10% to 15% students exhibit this problem, this time we vigorously revise and re-test them, this time every one is ready. In Our final phrase , we teach them how a single fact in mathematics can be twisted in several ways to look different each time. This type of training  causes alertness and caution each time, the student encounters similar situation. After practicing lots of tricky worksheets from our data base, the student is ready now.We finally test them with all of our efforts to confuse and upset them. And again take care of the issues which are very minimal.Finally they are ready to face any challenge . No one would dare to provide this kind of service.
If the assessment is poor, we explain how many hours are going to be needed to rebuild the foundation and complete the current studies in order to place the student on top of his class. We then charge them such an amount the student or the parents convincingly feel reasonable and happy to pay. All the other places strictly count the time and they do not tell how many hours would be needed or what is the problem the student is facing.
The student comes directly into contact with 43 years of experience and expertise and is constantly under the care and supervision of the Tutor who spent a big part of his life in transforming failing grades into A+ grades, and has his students all over the world. Some have already retired. They are usually shops, fully focused on the bottom line—the profit and less overhead hiring cheap inexperienced tutors or those who are looking for some experience certification and are willing to work volunteers  who don’t know what they are doing . They may take you on a wild goose chase around the globe.
We assume full responsibility and strongly believe that every Student is intelligent.The cause of failure or  improper success is Student’s weak and fragmented foundation.That is why, we rebuild the foundation first,We also believe that you can learn anythingIf you have determination and persistence  No full responsibility at all. They throw the blame of failure on the Student’s Intelligence and do not want to hear otherwise.
We clearly guarantee dominion success Vague 200 to 300 points increase in score
Unlimited number of Hours, minimum 120  11 to 12 Classes only, no unlimited hours
Multiple free attempts  allowed to increase the already high score to the record breaking scoreUntil   full satisfactionThe best score is counted. No such benefit
Our hours are chosen according to student’s convenience No flexibility, fixed window of time
Our classes are from 7:00 AM to 11:45 PM Only limited day time hours
Our E-mail support for studies 24/7 No such thing
Our charge per hour : Very little , a fraction of what other places charge and decreases furtherWith group discountResult : 100% of students achieve rare high score in the first attempt, which most of the students only dream of. Many times more result: Let us see what happens. Hey, you never know

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