How It Works

Online live Tutoring / Face to face in person

How It Works

We have been helping students learn math and science for over 43 years with the best online math tutor program available. With over 98% of our students leaving our program with at least an A, we let our results speak for themselves!

281-302-5172 or 847-749-5944

We offer two options of learning styles: live online or face to face in person. It is always recommended that you consult us on the phone first and then chose which style you prefer.

If you chose the online option, then follow the instructions listed hereunder:

Speak to us on the phone, and we will explain all of details to you.

Online Sessions
  • Download and install Skype
  • Send us the Skype log in ID to receive use of software license authorization
  • Download and install Idroo
  • Skype is a video chat software and Idroo is a whiteboard
  • “A purchase of the 6 in by 4.5 in Pen and Tablet package” (about 35 – 40 USD value) is very helpful in asking very specific questions of graphic nature in the subject” either from any electronic store or this must be connected to your computer during the tuition session

If you are satisfied with the consultation, make the required payment on the website via PayPal, credit or debit card. Then we can start attending the online session package you paid for.

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