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In any of the contents of this website , “Our Host” means the Hosting website www.hubrunner.com in its entirety (including , each, every and all Components of its Business and operational structure), “We, Our, Us” means The website www.illms.com , and or its Sole Owner Syed S Hashmi, ” You, Your, He , She, Him , Her”, means the user of this website, unless otherwise Specified and stated. The term “Gender sensitive” means, we are very sensitive and very respectful To “Genders” and treat them equally. Please refer our “Open &Equal opportunity and treatment policy” also sometimes called “the Equality Policy”. In this respect, whenever we refer a person by ” he , him, himself” , whenever and wherever the applicability is required and or demanded by the descriptive situation and our equality Policy, it equally Applies to and means “she, her, herself ” as well. (this would save us from typing he/she again and again). “User” means the person visiting our website, either intentionally or unintentionally. Clicking on any link to our website / or through the search engine or through entering our web address, is, by itself an admission by the user that the user agrees to and approves and is bounded by all of our policies.

Equal treatment and non-discriminatory Policy:

We treat all of our users respectfully and equally, regardless of gender, color, race, national origin, Religion, culture, or the Language they speak and we do hereby in the capacity of a business entity, declare our self, politically neutral and do not accept advertisements spilling politics, or any ideology structured on hatred, savagery or moral turpitude. We also declare that we are not affiliated with any of such websites or organization(s) involved in any of such acts. Please note that the determination of eligibility and Merits required by any of our benefits , offer , or servicing policy, is not discriminatory against the individuals found ineligible under our policies. To understand , interpret or argue otherwise is totally wrong and reject able. Please also note that we reserve our unconditional right to reverse or terminate a completed transaction, or a progressing transaction at any Stage, if we on our own, suspect, detect or have reasons to believe that the said transaction might end up in a dispute. This reflects our “Zero dispute policy” and our zero dispute policy is strictly based on avoiding bitterness only, and absolutely not based on any kind of discrimination.

Disclaimer Policy and Terms of Use:

All the visitors of this website www.illms.com , by visiting it confirm to agreeing to and abiding by all of our policies and the policies of our Host. We do not assume any liability and or responsibility, and all the users agree to waive any and all liabilities and or harm and or damage, arising as a result of any of the following: 1) Any and all of our user’s unlawful actions, ideology or beliefs , negligence of any kind, failure to securely save and protect any and all of their personal confidential information, while visiting our website, resulting in the leakage of any such information, including user ID, password. 2) Any liability or liabilities , leakage of data, damage or harm caused by a hacker, duplicating our website and offering a deal and or asking very sensitive personal information. It is the whole and sole responsibility of the Users not to divulge any of the sensitive information to any one impersonating our website’s identity. Any and all suspicious activities must be immediately Reported to us at ilmsabs@gmail.com. Please note that we never seek sensitive personal and or financial data from our users online. 3) Any errors, failures, malfunctioning, of the network, server and any other and all entities invoved in the functioning of this website, any loss of data, Or electronic viral infection and or damage caused to the operating system Of users and visitors of this website during use or visit. 4) Any damage, loss of data or related damage due to the hacking activities And or other unlawful intrusion of a third known or unknown party 5) Any intentional or unintentional unlawful action, error or errors of the financial institutions, and or their employee(s) involved in the processing of a transaction. 6) We do not and we never require our users or visitors to click on any of the highlighted links found on our website, It is the result of keyword selection Search engine and or advertising or other techniques, not related to and or not manipulated or controlled by our website. If the users or visitors want to click on those links, they must make their own independent decision to do so. Also by successively clicking on any such highlighted links one after the other, if the user(s) end up in trouble, we absolutely are not connected with or liable for the consequences of any such trouble. 7) The links found on our website are not at all guaranteed by us to be safe Virus free or containing accurate or authentic data. The users /visitors alone are responsible for visiting any of such websites and believing in the data provided. Also we are not responsible or liable or either approve or disapprove in any form or manner, for the products, service(s), views, or ideology advertised on any of such linked websites. We also strongly advise our users/ visitors to adhere and obey the copyrights laws and not run into infringement trouble , if they chose to visit any such websites on their own. We are also not liable or responsible in any form or manner, if our user(s) violate any of the rules or laws , including copyright infringement(s).

Privacy Policy:

We respect and preserve the privacy of our users and do not spill , share, sell or lease, or disclose the information provided by our users to or with anyone unless strictly required by the law. In addition, the financial information provided by our users to execute a transaction authorized through their independent own free will, is not shared by anyone other than the authorized processing Entities involved in the course of transaction from initiation to completion and also we are not mechanically involved in any such financial transaction.

Terms of use:

You must be at least 18 years of age to register otherwise your Parent(s) / Guardian, need to inquire on your behalf. We are not at all responsible or liable, if any unsupervised minor gains access to our website through some one else’s internet accessing system and poses as 18 years or over. It is the sole responsibility of the Parent(s) / Guardian(s) to secure their internet accessing system(s) properly. Intruding , Hacking , approaching / Visiting and or using our website , by using fake, fabricated or fictitious and or stolen identity, and or with ulterior motives , or unlawful intentions or actions, is strictly prohibited. The violators alone bear all the legal liabilities, consequences and responsibilities, arising as a result of such violation(s).

Rules for online session involving 2 or more students:

The Physical location of the premises receiving the online session is in not in any way , form or manner legally connected to us, and hence is not supervised or monitored or controlled by us and as such we must be absolutely and totally excluded and must be regarded totally harmless from any situation occurring there, to include, but not limited to, any uncivilized behavior, indecency, or bodily or emotional injury resulting from any and all actions including physical or sexual assault. We do not ask for such gathering. The participating students voluntarily agree to and on their own sole responsibility and liability decide to make any such arrangement(s) convenient to them, all we are doing is accommodating their convenience. All the students participating in an online session must sign a waiver of excludability ( to exclude and regard / hold us totally harmless against any of their activities other than learning on line). The students / users of an online session must adhere to the strict “Pay per head” policy, which means, the authorized user or users of the online session must not conspire to include or allow any unauthorized person to attend or participate in the online session. If additional students request the authorized students to join the session Without verifiable advanced payment receipts, then the participating student(s) must notify us immediately, so that the session may be stopped until the payment is received and then resumed again. In such situation(s), the lost time would be fully compensated in the same session. The students attending an online session shall not engage in any activities Other than listening and learning attentively. Time would be allowed periodically for asking questions or clarification of doubts and the tutoring Authority will not advance any further until and unless all the participants Agree that they have followed and fully understood the lesson delivered until that point and time. Any unrelated activities, including, arguments among participants , or Any uncivilized or indecent behavior, (arguments involving politics ,religion) quarrels or physical fights are strictly prohibited. Any student responsible for creating any such unpleasant situation might be permanently removed from all future online sessions. All the participants of an online session must immediately inform the online Tutoring Authority, of any such situation so that the session might be terminated immediately. Our policy does not recognize the physical location of the premises receiving the online tutoring sessions, as our own premises or legally connected to our business in any form or manner/ All the participants must sign a waiver, before each start and closure of the online session to hold us “totally and absolutely harmless” against any such situation occurring at the premises where the online session is delivered.

Copyright notice:

All the course titles and all the applicable terms and all the applicable presentations appearing and or mentioned on, and all the services and material delivered through this website, either by E-mail, Fax , or other means are copyrighted materials, and are the sole and absolute property of “ Illustrated Math Series” . The blue, white and red colored Elliptic shape Logo, containing 14 white stars along with displayed text is also the trademark and property of “Illustrated Math Series” protected by US and international laws. The users are warned against unauthorized, recording , filming , copying , sharing , selling, or forwarding to any person any such material including the material taught in our online session, without prior written and signed permission of the sole owner of this website , is strictly prohibited. The copyrighted material sent to a person or student , by E-mail , Fax , compact CD, or USPS mail is for the intended recipient only and is strictly protected by applicable laws.

Zero dispute Policy:

It has always been our policy to avoid any kind of dispute with our users, to display our respectful treatment towards them. To ensure this, as a precaution, we reserve our unconditional and absolute right to terminate a transaction at any stage, if we detect and or reasonably believe that the said transaction might end up in a dispute. We strongly believe that through such a precaution, enormous amount of supposed bitterness can be eliminated in advance. We apologize to our users in advance.

How to Complaint:

First send the complaint through the E-mail ilmsabs@gmail.com , you (The complaining person) can complaint on your own behalf only. You are not allowed to complaint on another person’s behalf. You alone bear the responsibility of providing false information in the complaint. The complaint may not be accepted for processing, if it is anonymous or if the complainant’s Identity is concealed or fictitious or otherwise not verifiable. Any complaint involving a scheme or fraud of any kind using somebody else’s identity or fictitious identity, solely meant to attack and hurt our (the website and / or its owner) credibility / reputation, and or to defame us or our website, carries all the maximum penalties applicable by law. We reserve the right to report any such fraudulent infraction to applicable Government Agencies and other applicable agencies without any further notice or warning. The complaint should have the following information: 1) Your full legal name, correct date of birth, correct address 2) The date and amount of transaction and the mode of transaction, credit, debit, Bank account (If applicable) and the processor of such transaction. 3) Detailed reason / basis of complaint 4) Please state clearly, in case, if the complaint is found reasonable, how would you wish to resolve it? 5) Your own correct E-mail ID. We promise that, it will be resolved immediately. We promise immediate response and subsequent Swift Resolution and absolutely no delay. We also promise that we would never allow the unpleasant feelings to go this far through our “Zero dispute policy”.

How to commend our services by stating truthful facts.

Just send an e-mail at ilmsabs@gmail.com and a copy to  bbbinfo@houston.org in the CC address field with a bold Heading / Title  “Commendation”

Please note that we have many verifiable Testimonials, absolutely no complaints or disputes to date and very strict “Zero dispute Policy”

(All the Testimonials, along with the contact information of the Testimonial issuing Groups/ persons, have already been sent to BBB, voluntarily, without any BBB requirement so that BBB Could verify them through any way they chose and at their own convenience)

Please also note that we are BBB Accredited.


Mon- Sun 7 AM to 11:45 PM Houston time

             Inquiries are open 24/7 via E-mail  and phone 281-302-5172 or 847-749-5944



The Link www.collegeboard.com is provided on our websites for the website visitors’ know how to register for SAT Test and other rules and regulations associated with registration process and testing

Illustrated Math Series is not connected to or Affiliated with “ The College Board”,  “ACT Inc”, Any and /or all of

The “Scholarship” Programs, Entities, or Organizations, or Agencies” Governmental or Non- Governmental

We never had any connection with any and / or all of the said Entities’ Products or operations and also

Any and / or all of the above named Entities are not / and were not connected in any manner whatsoever to our methods of teaching and or Illustration techniques and or our 98% A+ Dominion success rate and or our own Copyrighted  educational products which we generated on our own, including  “ Twist and Torsion detection  techniques “ and other  efficient and proven strategies during the course of more than 43 years. Our sincere and truthful Test Preparation strategy is definitely far more superior than any other Test Preparation places for the following reasons

1) To start with, we take the assessment test and determine the spots of weakness

2) Regardless of the assessment test outcome, we start right from the scratch and cover all the 12 years of learning

Unlocking many secrets not found in any text book and how a single fact in mathematics can be moulded in different shapes, to look different each time to prevent our students from confusion (which usually occurs during testing only because of insufficient time)

3) When we feel that the Student is ready, we carry out vigorous Oral Test and severe cross questioning.

4) Our huge data base consisting of numerous twisted and tough problems is then exposed to the Student and the student independently does most of it in our presence. This enables us to locate the remaining last set of troubled spot.

5) A final vigorous oral Test is taken and remedial treatment provided.

6) The student is now capable of  doing any problem found in the Test Preparation books instantaneously.

7) In doing so we invest unlimited number of hours, minimum being 120 Hrs.


We challenge, to the best of our knowledge that such service exist nowhere else.

Call now 281-302-5172  847-749-5944  E-mail : ilmsabs@gmail.com

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