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We do not believe in any grade other than A+, we do not settle for less than A+ and are focused on achieving 100% score. The key to our outstanding success rate, is our copy righted foundation building tools, Which we have developed over 43 years.

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We have more than 46 years of tutoring experience, and 98% of our students achieve A+ grade. We start an assignment with full responsibility and a guarantee of 100% dominion success.

Dominion Success:
The Top, First, or Elite student among the competition of students.


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Illustrated Math Series has a reputation of rapidly uplifting failing or falling grades and cover all aspects of elementary, high school, and college Mathematics. You will recognize and admit our capabilities and depth, the very first day you start. Failing or falling grades, call today, Learn more and succeed today!
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Our strategy is totally different than others. After initial assessment, we determine the spots of weakness and then build up a very strong Math foundation right from the scratch once we start, your top rank success becomes our priority and we never count the hours.
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The Ultimate Transformation©

Please see our products and services, the package of services, called “The Ultimate Transformation©”” that we offer, should open your eyes wide enough. This service is not available any where. Why? Because no one would even dare to make such a claim.

And We Have Success Stories

What does “The Ultimate Transformation©” service package contains?

We will give you a brief answer:

Bring us a person who can only speak read and write English, who had never gone to school, and is totally illiterate in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry,

With our guarantee of dominion success, we will transform him/her into a top college student, by making him learn all the 12 years of Syllabus, including Compass test preparation in just a matter of  1 to 1.5 years, thereafter he/she can take the COMPASS TEST and then enter the college.
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We transform a person who struggles immensely in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry into a top student capable of taking any placement or assessment test in a short time. Get the edge you need so you can get into the college or program you desire with an upper hand. We will get you into a college degree program so rapidly that you would not believe at your own swift progress This is our promise and firm guarantee, one that you will not find anywhere else.

Our services always exceed the expectations of our clients. Our track record proves our full satisfaction rate. We deliver what we promise. Rather than rely on cheap gimmicks and advertising, resulting in complaints and serious disputes. We never ever had any dispute or disagreement with our clients. Our clients honor us with commendations and Testimonials because we promise results and deliver results. Our clients advertise our talents, hard work sincerity and truthfulness and not the paid commercial ads.

Don’t waste your time chasing an overnight fix. Let us show you our comprehensive plan for attaining firm command on Math, Physics, Chemistry and a top Score in the Test Preparation SAT, ACT, CBE, COMPASS, GRE, GED etc. The eye capturing top scores that our Students achieve are dreamed only by others. Call us or E-mail us now 281-302-5172 or 847-749-5944; Email:

Sincerity, Hard work, Foundation Triangle is the most impressive and beautiful triangle we have ever seen.